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Thank You

"In a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is likely to be more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks." - Warren Buffet

To our Colleagues in the Industry,

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our loyal clients, vendors, and employees. Your belief in Slurry Systems, Inc. (SSI) and me over the years was amazing. It is your faith that allowed us to continue to operate, especially over the past grueling decade. Thank you.

Sadly, SSI is in the process of winding up its affairs. The closing of the corporation is unrelated to the vibrated beam technology and our countless successes with it. As you know, SSI originated the vibrated beam technology in North America and is its leader to this day. When we began using the vibrated beam, many of our slurry wall competitors were naysayers. They condemned the technology, casting doubt on its efficacy simply because it was not available to them to use. But they are now embracing it. It was SSI's mission to bring awareness of the vibrated beam technology with successful projects resulting in acceptance by design engineers and regulatory bodies. Mission accomplished. In fact, just last week I was contacted by the Army Corps of Engineers about the use of this technology to address our nation's failing levee systems. The path has been paved. The foundation is there. The vibrated beam technology is actually being specified at the design stage, in lieu of having to come in as an "alternate" construction method. Now, we are passing the torch. May the vibrated beam technology continue.

SSI is having an auction on August 24th, 2018 with Alex Lyon & Son at our yard in Gary, Indiana. Besides pile driving hammers (H&M 1700 and H&M 150) and other equipment, we have the following items related to vibrated beam technology for sale:

  • FUNDEX F-12 (multi-functional drill rig; low mobilization costs; used for piling and other deep foundation projects)
  • Mixing Plants
  • Specially Fabricated Vibrated Beams
  • Specially Fabricated High Pressure Vibrated Beams
  • Specially Fabricated Mandrel Emplacement Beam (for installation of pervious materials)

For those competitors that have already been dabbling in the technology or those that want to make a "run" for it, it is your chance to own the essential equipment, including beams with an already constructed shoe.

Please check out Alex Lyon & Son website:

Again, thank you for your many years of support.

Dana Wesolek, President

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