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Slurry Systems, Inc. is North America’s premier geo-technical contractor for constructing impermeable barriers (slurry walls) and installing both deep foundation & earth retention systems.  We are a certified Women Business Enterprise and Small Business specializing in vibrated beam technology for slurry wall installation, Slurry Systems, Inc. has completed projects for municipalities, industry, and other clients across the U.S. and Canada.  Our “driving force” team of professionals has worked closely with the Army Corps of Engineers, the Department of Defense, and the Environmental Protection Agency.    

A family operated and 100% Woman Owned Business, Slurry Systems, Inc. is the only contractor in North America with a long successful history of self-performed slurry walls using vibrated beam technology.  Founded in 1977, Slurry Systems, Inc. has completed 100% of its projects awarded and has installed millions of square feet of slurry walls, thousands of deep foundations, and hundreds of earth retention systems.  This work is carried out by the “driving force”—the company’s team of highly trained engineers and superintendents who, collectively, have more than 100 years of experience.  Slurry Systems, Inc. is recognized throughout North America for the quality of its work, the knowledge and integrity of its staff, and its commitment to clear quick communication with the client at every phase of the job.

Dedicated to Safety. Slurry Systems, Inc. is deeply committed to safety.  Clients can rest assured that every possible precaution is taken to ensure the safety of every worker involved in the project.  Our staff and field personnel undergo our own rigorous safety training program.  Some members of our staff are OSHA 500 trainers, and many, both office staff and field personnel, have completed the following programs:

OSHA 10 hour Construction Industry Training Course
OSHA 8 hour Management and Supervisory Training
OSHA HAZWOPER 40 hour training plus 8 hour refresher

Slurry Systems, Inc. strives to keep first aid and CPR/AED certifications current.  Our low EMR has enabled us to continue work in refineries with strict safety standards.  Managers at the office continuously stress balance in each employee’s busy work life which includes exercise, solid nutrition & sufficient sleep.  This “balanced approach” has an overall positive impact on safety.

In the field, daily morning safety meetings are held as look-aheads for the day’s work.  They are used as an open forum for the superintendent and the field team to discuss safety and positive approaches to keep the site clean and free of mindless hazards.  Safety is stressed to always be first & foremost in each person’s mind.

Working Green. The Slurry Systems, Inc. team takes pride in the knowledge that the work they do helps contain contaminated ground water and protect the environment.  We try to extend this pride to other aspects of our business.  In the yard, we keep our equipment maintained, which affects the overall performance of the machine.  In the field, we strive to recycle waste, use recycled goods or materials whenever possible, and keep fuel contained so as to have no adverse impact on the environment.  In the office, we stress recycling principles and the importance of utilizing recycled paper products.

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